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The management of Data Stats believes that its relationship with its clients and visitors is far too important to have their unique profiles be treated as a commodity or revenue source. Furthermore, management firmly believes that information collected for one purpose should not be used for other purposes without the consent of the subject of that information. Data Stats will not sell, trade, or otherwise give away individual customer or visitor information, gained through our normal business operations, to third parties. Nor will we engage in what we consider to be "intrusive" profiling unrelated to our business.

Data Stats does collect and maintain profile databases of customers and visitors to its web site. These databases are not visitor specific. The purpose of these databases is to help improve Data Stats' operation and offer better service to our clients. Data Stats pledges to protect the confidentiality of this information.

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Raymond D. Matkowsky
Chief Executive Officer

    Publisher's Note:         

Last month I said that it appears that the United States Department of Labor may be playing politics with its latest unemployment report. We have obtained more information from various sources, all of which are available to the public. This information only makes us more certain that there are very legitimate questions conerning their motivations.

This month we are printing an article by Nancy Harlow Irwin. Generally, business people look at research as a cost (For the pupose of full disclosure, I started my career in research and development). I can attest to it not being an outright cost. True, there is a great deal of research that never pans out. But when it does, itis highly profitable even taking into account all the failures.

As always, take time to read Dr. Marcia Yudkin's Marketing Minute comments.

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Small Business Management
Small Business Management              

Is the United States Department of Labor Manipulating Its Data? - The Answer            
                          Raymond D. Matkowsky                                     

Guest Article
Guest Contributions

                       Research As a Road to Profit                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
                                           Nancy Harlow Irwin                                             

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