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Data Stats: Advanced Statistical Analysis/Process Improvement/Enterprise Solutions/Profit Enhancement for Small Business
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We don't make a product, we help you make yours more profitable!

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Who are we and what can we do for you?

Everyday there are hundreds of thousands of Dollars, Pound Sterlings, Euros, and Pesos in potential profits going unclaimed because businesses do not capture all of the inherent value in their products or processes. Even well run businesses are not immune. Most likely your business is not operating at its full potential either.

Data Stats, based in Old Bridge, New Jersey USA (about 50 miles/80 Km south of New York City) specializes in optimizing your product and processes so that your operation is more cost effective and profitable by capturing these lost revenues.

Every business is unique. Every business has its own set of operating conditions. So does yours! What works for your competitor may not work for you. Testing is the only way to find out. Only by applying the knowledge gained from consistent and verifiable data obtained at your location can you hope to bring out the full benefits from your processes or products.

No one knows your business better than you and your staff. By working closely with your employees, experiments are designed to gain this knowledge by measuring the effect of variables unique to your company. This data is then utilized to guide your staff on how to significantly boost your productivity, improve your production or work product, raise its value to you and its value to your customers. Innovation occurs by optimizing your operations not replacing them. We work within your framework to help you focus on the appropriate factors for the achievement of benefits and advancement of your business goals.

Two full time and two part time employees are ready to fulfill your needs. We also retain several others to work solving client's problems on a per project basis. These individuals are knowledgeable specialists within their own fields and can understand the problems you may face.

Ray Matkowsky, CEO, has over 52 years of experience in industrial, academic, government research and development, technical service and sales support. He is the author or co-author of nine research papers published in international scientific journals plus 59 economic and business process articles.

Johnetta Matkowsky is Data Stats' full time business administrator and health care specialist. Besides Data Stats, Johnetta is a Health Care Case Manager for the University of Medicince & Dentistry Of New Jersey. She was the Director Of Nursing for Cerebral Palsy League of Union County, New Jersey USA. She is also a former Director of Nursing for The Women's Health & Counseling Center in Somerville, New Jersey USA. Previously, she has managed several departments within a local metropolitan hospital and has over 38 years experience in healthcare. Johnetta has also done local radio spots entitled "Ask the Nurse" and has written a newspaper column where she answers frequently asked questions about health. If your business is in healthcare management or you are a healthcare provider, Johnetta is the first person to speak to.

Data Stats' Director of Communications is Caitlin Prusik. Caitlin is an experienced retail store manager, an educational computer software specialist and a security software licensing representative for a major software retailer. Caitlin brings the knowledge of consumer relations, sales, and software applications to clients.

Aaron Matkowsky is this site's webmaster. Any problems that you encounter should be addressed to Aaron's attention. Aaron is also a supervisor of medical escort and transport services for a local hospital. His logistical expertise in planning, scheduling, and the execution of day to day transport services is an asset that can be accessed by clients.

Data Stats brings a team together that can guide your company in a direction that will increase your productivity, profitability, add flexibility in a competitive environment and give you an advantage over your competitors.
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