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Prospects Desire More Than Lower Prices


JC Andrews

Prospects are always looking for competitive pricing for products and services. They also know that low prices can equate to low quality of products and services. According to Info Graphic, 65% of customers have stopped using a brand's products or services due to poor customer service experience. Lower prices can look persuasive but often prospects are looking for value in the products and services they are purchasing and are more than willing to pay a higher rate for exceptional customer service and superior quality products or services. Let's review some basic strategies that you can provide to your prospects that will inspire them to buy from you.

1. Availability and Responsiveness

Prospects like to know that you will be available and responsive to their needs. Communication is the key to providing exceptional customer service to your client's. It is that simple. From the moment a prospect contacts you with an interest about your products or services their buying decision will be based on how quickly you have responded to their inquiry which sets the tone for the service they will receive if they choose to work with your company.

2. Consistency

Prospects are not only seeking availability and responsiveness, they love consistency. What you did in the past predicts what you will do in the future. So line your actions up with what your website, contracts, estimates, etc. state and you will gain long-term client relationships as well as a solid reputation.

3. Under Promise and Over Deliver

Prospects and client's who say "there is no rush on this" really mean I want it as soon as possible. When you under promise on a delivery time and then beat the deadline you promised you have just over delivered on your product or service and have shown them that they are getting what they are paying for. Everybody wants things yesterday, and if you can provide it to them sooner than your competition, than you can charge premium price for it

4. Quality

Prospects are looking to achieve a goal by utilizing your products or services. By providing them quality products or services you will stand a much better chance of building value and developing a long-term relationship with your client's. But you also want to them to achieve maximum success by taking advantage of your products or services.

5. Follow-Up, Follow-Up, Follow-Up

Allstate Insurance says that were in good hands when we entrust our insurance needs to them. Can your prospects feel that way about you? Are you taking the time to follow-up with a prospect that has sent you an inquiry? Salesmen are serious about following up with prospects and even after the sale. Following up shows your prospects and current client's that you care about their business success. When you diligently follow-up this will give you opportunities to sell your products or services at higher prices and make more sales to existing clients.

6. Advocate for Your Clients

Everybody enjoys knowing they have someone on their side going to bat for them. Your clients will appreciate and more than likely pay a premium price for assistance when a problem arises. Bottom line, expect to advocate for them if necessary. You will have lifetime clients when you are willing to go to bat for them in a crisis.

Prospects are educated enough to know that they will get what they pay for. Take the time to focus your energy and efforts on providing premium level products or services and charge premium prices for it.

JC Andrews is the owner of The Ledger Virtual Bookkeeping Company a company that assists clients nationwide to achieve financial success. JC has worked in diverse customer service industries to provide exceptional customer service to her clients and prospects. For more information please visit

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