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International Automobile, Truck, and Limousine Rentals / Reservations

Automobile rental companies are becoming more agressive in trying to collect charges for damages. Sometimes these charges are based on inflated repair costs and may include lost time for rentals.

We urge all renters to do a thorough examination of both the exterior and the interior of any vehicle you plan on renting and upon its return. Have a rental company employee sign a written inspection sheet before accepting the vehicle and upon its return.

Check with your insurance company or that of your employer to determine what coverage you have through those policies. Determine exactly what the collision insurance covers. At times collision will not cover single car accidents or damage to such things as windows or undercarriages.

Some localities place a surcharge or tax on airport car rentals. We recommend that you compare the cost of airport rentals with respect to the cost of taking public transportation into town and renting from a local office.

Many locations will not accept credit cards for fuel purchases.

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