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Guest Article

Raise Awareness: Five Tips That Guarantee Success


Mary Cochrane

Raising awareness can require a lot of thought for individuals that are just now discovering how important it is to raise awareness. When individuals are able to successfully increase awareness, charities will begin to see an increase in the number of donations, non-profit organization make their presence and services known and events will become more popular than ever. When individuals make awareness for their event or organization, they are encouraged to follow these key tips that will make them more successful than ever.

Be Informative

When raising awareness, whether it is in the form of a homemade flyer or professionally designed brochure, it is vital to include information about the business and/or event. Pamphlets for events should include fun things for a variety of target populations, such as kids, teens and adults so that everyone will find the event appealing.

Pamphlets and flyers that aim to promote businesses should also include what the business does, an about us section, and any ways that the business contributes to the community, such as sponsoring a local soccer team.

Vibrant Colors

Flyers should have vibrant colors and pictures to catch the average person's eye. Businesses are encouraged to make logos and pictures vibrant and full of life without being overwhelming to the senses. For example, a picture of children playing soccer with a beautiful blue sky is a better choice than neon colors for professionals.

Designers often specialize in creating logos and catchy pictures that can be printed in color. Brochure businesses are usually experienced in printing and have in home designers to assist businesses.

Holding Events

Events are a great way to create awareness for organizations, diseases and non-profit organizations. These can be anything from simple soup and sandwich lunches to full-blown block parties, complete with bouncy houses and carnival style games.

At events, make sure to hand out pamphlets from a professional that specializes in brochure printing services to inform participants about your business or organization.

Whether your event is big or small, taking the time to look into professional brochure printing and design services can help your organization to pass out at the event, or they can increase your visibility for your event.


Social media pages and accounts remain some of the most popular sources used to raise awareness. First, they are cost effective. Making a page or account on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is free and easy. Maintaining those same pages is also easy.

Facebook has installed a feature that lets business pages' schedule posts so it is no longer necessary to log in every day.

Businesses and organizations can also hire specialists to manage their social media accounts for them. Specialists can help by creating pictures and other graphics that social media users will love. Marketing agencies know the key tips to increasing the number of followers, likes and shares on a page. Many marketing agencies also provide consultations and other services to help business owners manage their own social media pages more effectively.

Something to Take Home

Give individuals something that they can take home with them to remember your business by. This may be a personalized mini football, or it can be something that people can easily fit into their wallet, like a flyer or business card. A brightly colored business card will stand out every time a potential customer opens their wallet, reminding them that your business is there if they need you.

It is something that can make or break a business. It can make an event the most popular weekend activity, or it can make it seem like a ghost town. How well a business or event planner raises awareness about something can easily lead to businesses being more successful than ever?

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Article Copyright © 2016 Mary Cochrane All Rights Reserved

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