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Guest Author/Title Listings

Author Title Date of Publication
Jon Allo How to Learn From Customer Feedback March 2021

Dr. Jim Anderson 9 Ways To Deal With The Competition September 2017

JC Andrews Prospects Desire More Than Lower Prices October 2014

Marilyn August Hooked on Money July 2014

B. Boyd Why Use Lead Generation May 2022

Ellen Bowers Why Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy Is the Most Powerful Method for Growing Your Business December 2022

Stephan C. Campbell Business to Business Marketing and Branding Considerations May 2014

Kim L. Clark The Millennial Client October 2016
Re-Examine Your Value Proposition August 2019
Refresh Your Value Proposition September 2019

Mary Cochrane Raise Awareness: Five Tips That Guarantee Success August 2018

Michael Cohn Building Solid Connections With Your Clients December 2016
Making Your Brand Stand Out in a Tough Market September 2020
Pay Close Attention to Your Competitors November 2021

Brian P. Conway One of the Most Essential Skill Sets a Small Business Owner Ought to Have September 2015

Daryl Cowie Cost Management Tip - Understand your Operations Cycle August 2013

Sean D'Souza The Carpe Diem Method of Finding Work (And Vacation) Time May 2013
Why Credibility Doesn't Matter In Your Marketing Strategy September 2013
Why Higher Prices Get More Attention Than Lower Prices September 2014
The 6 Most Important Lessons In Marketing January 2016
The Science of Undervaluing Yourself (And How To Overcome It) February 2016
How Gentle Productivity Gets Astounding Results June 2017
How To Achieve A Lot (Even As You Switch Tasks All Day) October 2017
Two ways to stay ahead of your competition (even if you sell them all your secrets) December 2017
Why "Failure" Is Just A Pre-Sell For Success May 2018
3 Elements That Create Waiting Lists that Work October 2018
Why Waiting Lists Fail November 2018
How To Know If Your Article Is Exciting Enough For The Reader March 2020
Can We Really Systemise Luck Or Should We Rely On Hard Work All The Time? April 2021
How To Double Your Sales With Versions and Satellite Products August 2021
Why Staying Small Is Probably A Smarter Move March 2022
Why Restricting The Numbers Of Sales Increased Profits (And Will Give You More Downtime) September 2022
Why A Different Name Can Increase Your Product Price By 1000% May 2023
Why We Struggle To Acquire Skills (And How The Mindset Of The Teacher Is The Root Cause) July 2023

John Eberhard Testing in Marketing  July 2015

Douglas Evans No Time To Breathe December 2014

Rebeccah T. Fearon 5 Steps to Lean Production February 2014

Dan Feder Businesses That Can Receive Financing From European Funds June 2021

Dawn Ferguson You Have to Market BEFORE You Sell April 2014

Scott Flood Angry People Shouldn't Drive Your Marketing April 2014
When Marketing, Stories Simply Sell Better November 2019

Flavillia Fongang How to Successfully Do Business Overseas November 2017

Fabienne Fredrickson Three Simple Ways to Explain Your Value to Potential Clients March 2014
Three Reasons Why a Get Acquainted Call Beats a Free Consultation March 2015
Two Super Simple Ways to Talk About Results With Clients January 2018
Why You Shouldn't Always Accommodate Special Requests May 2021

Larry Galler There's a "Right" Message for Each Market Segment August 2017

Carlos H. Giraldo Marketing-Don't Overlook the Basics August 2014

Dylis Guyan Why Stories Are an Essential Component in Marketing and Selling April 2019

Gary D. Halbert US "Debt Held by the Public" vs. Total National Debt December 2018

Diane Helbig Time Is On Your Side  August 2016

Dan Herman The 5 Percent That Determines Your Company's Success  July 2013

Lynn Hunsaker Avoid Half-Brained Marketing  April 2022

Shep Hyken Free Can Be a Great Customer Service Strategy August 2015

Nancy Harlow Irwin Research As a Road to Profit  April 2017

Valentina Iogra New Generations Don't Buy the Same Way  June 2015

Pam Ivey Strategies to Build Positive Word-Of-Mouth February 2021

Latrisha Desean Jacobs What You Do Is Nothing New But How You Do It Can Be Different  December 2020

Jane Joyner 8 Main Benefits of Email Marketing  December 2021

Angela Landrum 7 Marketing Reporting Metrics That Really Matter  March 2017

Bob Leduc Beat Your Competition Without Cutting Your Price  October 2013

Josh Lee 5 Key Importing Secrets That Can Change Your Business  May 2016

Cerkez Lena Understanding The Business Due Diligence Process  February 2015

Marcus Lloyd The Trust Destroying Mistakes to Avoid  November 2016

Jo Macdermott Marketing Strategy: How to Develop Your Audience and Grow Your Business  March 2016
Marketing: Back To Basics  February 2017
Fiscal Savings Plans  April 2020

Collette McKenzie How to Be Memorable in Business  June 2016

Irene Mori Success Requires Lots of Commitment  July 2020

Jean Moroney Bogged Down by Lists? Just Say No!  December 2015

Shelly Morrison Sustainable Competitive Advantage - A Necessity  May 2015

Pat Mussieux Focus on 3 Things!  October 2015

Tim North Effective titles improve proposals  December 2013
Better Writing Skills Newsletter  November 2015

Cameron Nyack Expert Advice On Reputation Management For Business  June 2019

Loki Ong Marketing: The Blood for All Business  May 2019

Michael Orr Content Marketing - the Informational Equivalent to a Starbucks Cup of Coffee  May 2020

Rory Oza Top Tips For Business Travel Safety  May 2017

Rocky C. Rhodes Overwhelmed By Data? Try a Marketing Reporting Solution  July 2016

Josh Rider How Do You Grow Your Small Business?  January 2019

TJ Rohleder People Do What They Believe Is In Their Best Interests  July 2017
Your Company's Most Important Hidden Asset  July 2018
Why You Should NEVER Sell By Price  February 2022

Kim Schott Do You Think Like Your Client?  June 2013

Sarah Schwab Growth Isn't Linear  March 2018

Renuka Sharma Content Was, Is, and Will Be the King  January 2020

Shlomi Shraga Why B2B Marketing Is Very Different From B2C Marketing  June 2019

Missy Tincher Have You Found Your Target Market?  April 2018

Brendan Tobin Don't Wait For Your Ship To Come In.  March 2006

Nick Usborne When the forest moves, you're toast  April 2013

Allaire Williams You Can Talk About Your Competitors and Reap Benefits Too!  January 2021

John J. Woods Unique Innovative Distinction: The Key to Supercharging Your Business Growth  January 2017

Imran Zaman Why Do Projects Fail  November 2013

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